Our facilitation team brings our programs and resources to local communities by leading trainings and workshops. To bring a facilitator to your community, check out our list of offerings and how to request a workshop here.

Shonettia Monique

Shonettia engages the body, mind, and spirit to discuss issues of identity, oppression, and healing. Born and raised in Chicago, she has extensive experience working with youth and women of color on issues of healing justice and wellness. She has worked as a consultant to social service agencies, community groups, institutions, and universities for more than 12 years. Shonettia is a licensed Massage Therapist and received her MA in Health Arts & Sciences from Goddard College where she explored themes of ritual, magic and black women’s healing. Shonettia currently resides in Philadelphia but constantly dreams of the ocean.

Philippe Fradet

Philippe is a mixed-race fat-identified person from San Diego, CA. He is a writer for online magazine The Body Is Not An Apology, with a background in body positivity/fat acceptance, sexuality education, anti-racism, and intersectional feminism. He has a Master’s degree in Sexuality Studies (SFSU), and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (UCSC). Philippe is dedicated to fighting for social justice, mental health equity, and community-driven interventions and education.

Hieu Tran

Hieu Tran (they/them, he/him) is a Viet, chronically ill, tender queer, born and raised in Virginia out of the Viet diaspora. Hieu’s projects and interests include farming, finance and economics in late capitalism, artmaking/crafts, serving on the Southerners On New Ground board, and using science fiction and fantasy to explore the future. Hieu is rooted in our struggle to survive, thrive, and connect to a living movement.

Rhiana Anthony

 Rhiana is a queer black girl magician working toward collective liberation through community organizing, soulful facilitation, and healing justice.  A flavorful mix of country know-how and city sass, her roots grow from the Third Coast of Houston, TX and the Piney Woods of rural East Texas. Rhiana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a focus in human development from the University of North Texas and a masters of education in Community Development and Action from Vanderbilt University.

Diego Barrera

Diego is the victim services coordinator at the Northwest Arkansas Center for Sexual Assault. He has led trainings, workshops and presentations in Northwest and Central Arkansas, and Texas for the past three years. Diego is also a member of ALAS, a national Latinx-led membership network of victim advocates working to prevent sexual violence, and a board member of the Arkansas Transgender Equity Coalition (ArTEC), Northwest Arkansas Worker’s Justice Center and member of Transform Health Arkansas. He is also the co-founder of inTRANSitive, a Trans empower movement and proud immigrant of El Salvador.

Jes Kelley

Jes is a subversive southerner who lives in rural NC. Shehas had the honor of leading social justice trainings over the last nearly 15 years. Her life has been shaped by the long legacy of people fighting for queer liberation, reproductive justice and anti-racism. She believes in possibility, in the importance of bringing a trauma informed lens to anti-oppression work, and that no one is disposable.

Eva Turner

Eva is a queer, gender non conforming, femme, human passionate about education, mental health and creating safe(r) spaces in learning and creating spaces. A licensed social worker, educator, entrepreneur and healer originally from California, Eva has lived in NYC for six years creating community through healing and activism, writing, astrology and tarot.


Lance Hicks

Lance is a mixed Black trans femme from Detroit, MI. He started organizing in high school, and has worked on issues ranging from gender liberation to racial justice to anti-gentrification efforts. Lance lives with mental illness and complex trauma as a result of racial, transphobic, and state violence. He began providing peer-to-peer mental health support at age sixteen, currently studies clinical social work, and interns as a therapist for low-income queer and trans youth. Lance’s goal is to make resources for healing trauma accessible to marginalized folks across communities. During down time, he loves reading, writing, taking pictures, digging in the dirt, and cuddling his dog.

Anne Watanabe

Anne is a queer Nikkei social worker and peer counselor living in Chicago, and is a core member of Invisible to Invincible, an LGBTQ API organization in Chicago. She was politicized around mental health, sexual violence and trauma through her own healing process and through messy attempts to practice community accountability in her late teens and early twenties. She believes deeply in breaking down perpetrator/survivor and healing/accountability binaries; in reaching for healing work that centers transformation beyond coping; and that healing from the effects of oppression on our minds, hearts and spirits is an essential part of transforming the society we live in.

Elsa Asher

Elsa is a non-binary trans person from occupied Duwamish land in Seattle, Washington, and currently lives on occupied Ohlone land, in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. They are a somatic therapy and trauma resolution practitioner, with a focus on bodywork and prenatal, birth and attachment issues. Elsa holds a MS degree in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University and teaches Narrative Medicine as an adjunct professor at Dominican University, Columbia University, Touro University, and the Western Institute for Social Research. They also facilitate independent creative writing workshops that center body experiences. Their personal experiences with chronic illness, early trauma, and pregnancy loss enrich their professional work and passion for healing justice, restoration, and resilience.