Community Zines

This Wax and Feathers zine was a collaborative work by a group of super talented folks who post on the Icarus Project forums.

waxfeathercoverWax and Feathers

They write in the intro:

“In expressing our feelings, insights, and ideas about madness and the world around us we hope to inform and inspire others. The stories told by the psychiatric establishment, pharmaceutical industry, and the mainstream media all to often overshadow our own. By sharing our stories with others we can reclaim the right to define ourselves and our experiences. We choose to honor our uniqueness and complexity by letting our voices be heard.”

Download it! Print it out! Share it with your peeps! Mad Love!

hy_thumbnail_1Hurting Yourself

Self-injury is a common behavior in our society. Only a few forms are seen as problematic. Shame thwarts an open exchange about experiences. “Hurting yourself” is a workbook that aims at encouraging reflection and generating awareness of various different aspects of self-injury from a non-coercive, self-compassionate, and harm reduction perspective.

Hurting yourself – workbook (pdf, 7.3 MB)

version with scrambled pages to print into a brochure

Depression in 20 Words or LessDepression in 20 Words or Less – 2

Here is a new booklet with quotes about the unsayable put together with images, a year after the first one.

twenty_words_2_thumbnailThe quotes are selected from this forum thread.

The use of the word “depression” refers exclusively to the title of the original forum thread. It is no statement about the nature or the origin of experiences of pain, despair, darkness whatsoever.

Link to “Depression” in 20 words or less – for those who missed it: