Online Support

The Icarus Project offers respites that respect self-determination, informed choice, and the exploration and acceptance of different ways being in the world. We understand that a lot of emotional distress is the result of legacies of abuse and experiences of oppression. We foster communities that sit at the intersection of mental health and social justice. All of our online spaces are guided by anti-oppression principles and facilitation, center folks with marginalized identities, and are trans-inclusive.  

Our community meets online in a closed group on Facebook where people with lived experience of emotional distress support each other within an anti-oppressive and social justice framework. This space aligns with our values and principles, is moderated and monitored by Icarus staff, and has guidelines for participation which you should be familiar with before posting or commenting. Please respect that this space is closed to providers and family members and is designed for those with lived experience only.

Additionally, since 2002 some participants in The Icarus Project community have hosted an online forum where people could ask questions and receive support for their emotional experiences. The forums are autonomous and do not share the same guidelines as The Icarus Project Facebook group, nor are they moderated or monitored by The Icarus Project staff. Please read the guidelines carefully so you can make an informed choice about what space will be/not be a good fit for you.

Disclaimer: The Icarus Project is not liable for security, user experiences, or user actions in either the Facebook group or the forums. If you feel that you need immediate assistance please visit our Crisis Toolkit for warmlines and hotlines.

We recommend watching this short animation to learn more about oppression before diving in to the Facebook Community Guidelines.