For Providers and Caregivers

The Icarus Project has collective experience navigating the mental health system and in our journeys we have learned a whole lot about what is helpful and unhelpful for clients. We offer trainings for mental health providers where we bridge the experiences of clients with those in the therapeutic space so that together we can create better healing spaces. Our offerings for providers and caregivers break down into two distinct groupings: talks and trainings.

  • Talks give your group an opportunity to hear in-depth stories and insights from our staff and advisory board members about their personal experiences and community organizing efforts.
  • Trainings are intended to equip participants (peers, faculty, staff, mental health professionals, and more) with impactful skills drawn from the many tried-and-true strategies in The Icarus Project’s toolbox.

The duration and specific content of talks, workshops, and trainings are very flexible – TIP-led events have ranged from one hour to one week in length, and can be tailored to audience needs! All of the below topics may be offered in any of the above formats, and some may be offered online if bringing an in-person facilitator is cost-prohibitive.  All workshops are available in English and Spanish.

Supporting Loved Ones Through Crisis

How can we support our friends, family members, and comrades in times of crisis? This participatory setting will guide participants in approaches that allow us to show up for our loved ones as they navigate altered states, depression, trauma, and other hard times. We’ll draw on the wisdom of the room to share resilience strategies and safety team plans, with careful attention to the emotional impacts of oppression. We will also provide harm reduction strategies for navigating the mental health mainstream. Depending on the length of the event, we may also discuss strategies for healing from, moving beyond and preventing times of crisis. (Minimum 1.5 hours; Talk Minimum 1 hour)

Supporting Self-Determination: The Icarus Project’s 101 for Mental Health Providers, Health Care Workers, Educators, and Other Professionals

The current mental health paradigm centers around the sometimes alienating language of “illness” and “disorder,” and often discounts the emotional impacts of oppression and injustice. Many people find that these approaches from the mental health mainstream can be a source of stigma and hopelessness. What can mental health professionals and others in the helping professions do to creating caring, just, and non-judgmental support for people with mental health issues? Based on the insights of Icarus peers and professionals alike, this offering creates a space to share practical insights and approaches to diminish mental health stigma, challenge oppression and foster emotional well-being for all. (Minimum 1.5 hours; Talk minimum 1 hour)


The Icarus Project works with schools, organizations, and other groups on a sliding-scale basis. We set our rates in relation to your group’s budget and access to resources.

To request a training or talk, please fill out this interest form here. Direct any questions to