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Intergenerational Trauma: Healing from Legacies of Abuse, Tapping into Legacies of Love and Resistance

We live in a violent society that doesn’t acknowledge, name, or confront the trauma it causes. The consequences of war, colonialism, racism, patriarchy, heterosexism, and capitalism have been erased from history books and replaced with romantic narratives of white men’s exploits. With nowhere to put them, our traumatic experiences are locked away in our bodies and wherever we go, we carry the violence that was inflicted upon us.

The second Mad Maps guide is an invitation to explore the trauma experienced by our generations past and reflect on how it has impacted our lives, the lives of our families, and of our communities. And, it is also an invitation to shift the narrative, to recover and remember what the system will never tell us: that never in modern history have oppressed groups ever stopped protesting, resisting, conspiring with each other about ways to make a better world for us all. Oppressed groups may have inherited trauma, but we have also inherited the drive to resist, fight back, and more importantly, to protect each other and love each other with ferocity and joy. This legacy of love and resistance will not be taught in history books, but never forget, that legacy lives in on in our bodies, our hearts, and our minds.