The Icarus Project is a support network and education project by and for people who experience the world in ways that are often diagnosed as mental illness. We advance social justice by fostering mutual aid practices that reconnect healing and collective liberation. We transform ourselves through transforming the world around us.

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Care lab: how the hell do I actually do interdependence?

Sunday, December 16th

7:00pm et / 6:00pm ct / 5:00pm mt / 4:00pm pt

A lot of people these days like to talk about care collectives and care networks- groups of people who come together to care for each other's physical or mental disability/ care needs. But what if you don't have friends, or friends you feel you can ask to do that stuff? What if you're afraid that you'll just end up doing all the care because white capitalist colonial ablist patriarchy? What if accepting care is terrifying? In this webinar, we'll talk about all that and more! There will be some journaling excercises and discussions where we unpack our histories with care and being to dream what we need to make a care-filled future without burnout.

Facilitated by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

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