Support Network Working Group Responsibilities

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(draft 6/08)

Support Network Responsibilities:

Local Group Liaison:
o Support and connect existing and emerging local groups while providing resources, inspiration, technical assistance and mutual aid.
o Remain in contact with local groups via email, web forums, and conference calls. Encourage local groups to check in and update status on web forums and write blog posts after events workshops, and local media coverage.
o Encourage and support individuals involved in local groups to get involved in collective organizing and collaboration.
o Support regional meet ups and skill sharing.
o Coordinate monthly community conference call.

Web Host Liaison:
o Maintain a helpful supportive presence on the web forums while recognizing individual contributions.
o Link web community to relevant information, work groups, contact information & tools.

Volunteer Cultivation:
o Cultivate and support volunteerism by creating clear pathways for members to tangibly get involved in shared dreaming, planning, consulting, advisory, contracted & collective positions, task specific, time based and drop in volunteer experiences.
o Recognize those stepping up, offer appreciation and connect with work group contacts.
o Support leader-full-ness!

Ally Organization Relations:
o Stay connected with broader radical mental health community and collaborate on movement building.
o Support ally collectives and help build mutual aid networks for resource and skill sharing.

o Be available to hear concerns and support resolution when concerns or interpersonal issues arise within collective, working groups, local groups and/or web forum community.
o Ensure there is follow through, fair and just process and resolution with individuals involved.
o Support implementing wellness policy and grievance procedure when needed.
o Cultivate mediators within ally collectives to provide skill building and consultation when grievances can’t be addressed within.