What We Do

Trainings & Talks for Providers

The Icarus Project has collective experience navigating the mental health system and in our journeys we have learned a whole lot about what is helpful and unhelpful for clients. We offer talks and trainings for mental health providers where we bridge the experiences of clients with those in the therapeutic space so that together we can create better healing spaces. We also offer trainings and talks to providers and mental health organizations that are interested in pursuing racial and social justice in their practices. Learn more about our offerings for providers.

We Create Publications For Self-Care and Community Care

The Icarus Project is a network of people with lived experience of mental health issues. We gather our community’s knowledge, skills, coping tools, resources, and strategies for self care and communal support and share them with the world so people can build their own toolkits to help them stay well or navigate through rough times. The publications also include tangible ways in which people in emotional distress can be helped in a simple and practical checklist format, and provide political education on the intersections of social justice and mental health issues. The Icarus Project is a social justice organization and our resources also support the well-being of activists and social justice organizations. All of our publications center marginalized groups in society and are embedded in an anti-oppressive framework. Learn more.

Workshops and Talks

The Icarus Projects understands that mental health is an intersectional social justice issue. We have over 12 years of experience in fostering emotional well-being, healing, and emotional justice. We are available for institutions, communities, and organizations that want to begin conversations about emotional health and healing justice in their lives, families, and communities. We hold listening spaces and facilitate collective conversations about emotional well-being. We also offer talks to share our seasoned anti-oppressive analysis of the mental health system, how it works, and how it reproduces oppression. We share the social care alternatives we have created over the years. We are particularly interested in fostering the emotional health of social justice activists, spaces, and communities. Learn more about our offerings for those with lived experience of emotional distress and for social justice organizations.

We Hold Peer Support Spaces

The Icarus Project offers respites that respect self-determination, informed choice, and the exploration and acceptance of different ways being in the world. We understand that a lot of emotional distress is the result of legacies of abuse and experiences of oppression. We foster communities that sit at the intersection of mental health and social justice. All of our online spaces are guided by anti-oppression principles and facilitation, center folks with marginalized identities, and are trans-inclusive. Learn more.