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Given the strained and occasionally deadly nature of the overall relationship between psychiatric survivors and law enforcement agencies, it really begs the question: should the police even become involved in situations where someone is experiencing an emotional or mental crisis?

"stoppin' before the start", she said

ive been rebelling against myself again. not entirely sure why i do that or really, wat im going through.. alls i know is that some shit is real real up/down/zig/zag/twist/turn/push/pull/ying/yang'y in my daily life and imma tryta work it out but first, i gotta tryta work on taking it one thing at a time.

think i might be add or adhd or watever it is that means my attn spn is ltd

Who Gets To Decide?

One group of humans get to decide, another is supposed to just follow orders, and trust that the other group will make the right decisions. One group gets heavily funded and carried aloft on the shoulders of the Status Quo and heralded everywhere as heroes, the other gets to remain passive, waiting in silenced trust to be served. One group gets to engage in "reputable" dialogue with each other, the other group gets to  "rant" and "rave" and can only be viewed in a very narrow, paternalistic way. All of these ways have a lot of bigoted assumptions within them and end up tooling all the otherwise beautiful human beings involved. 

Karmic Sputterings through fields of Carnal distress

The flesh would penetrate and be penetrated with alacrity and great skill should circumstances arise that might demand it.  Sex is not a sentimental journey;  it is a sword with which the body can finally carve out its most daemonic and forensic needs upon those others who remain shivering in the dark.


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