Why Students Dislike Term Papers

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When some students hear the words term paper from their teacher, their first reaction is “oh no!” or “not again.” Although this does not apply to all students, some really dislike the written requirement.

    There are different reasons why some students dislike term papers. This boils down to individuality – the differences among students. Each has own preferences and the otherwise.

    First, some students dislike term papers because they generally dislike writing. Not all students excel in writing and this is because of some factors: some cannot organize thoughts, do constructive criticism or analysis, construct sentences very well, among others.

    Second, some students dislike relatively long-term assignments. Some just prefer overnight home works because these are generally short and do not consume students’ time that much. Moreover, long assignments mean high grades. Some students would just prefer relatively large amount of assignments than just a single one that could pull their grades downward.

    Third, some students have anxieties in trying to please their teachers. Although this should not hinder them or interfere with their performance, it is inevitable. The fear of criticism or negative comments surmounts the students’ performance as a term paper writer.

    Fourth, some students have problems in research. This comes natural for some students since researching requires skills and critical judgment to choose between the right and wrong, the real and fake, and the reliable. They also have the tendencies to be irresponsible – resorting to copy-pasting published articles on the Internet.

    Writing a term paper is not as cumbersome as some students may think. Writing starts from one’s attitude towards it. Knowledgeable people like teachers should aide the students in the basics of writing, and encourage them to have a positive attitude towards it. With proper knowledge and attitude, a student can finish relatively lengthy written requirements – even term papers.
Author: Joann Vining

I graduated Psychology in 2005. Since I was in college, I already have supported different campaigns from environment to human rights. I have written several term papers about the American Constitution. Most people wonder why I chose Psychology because they see me more as a political scientist. I say, I prefer reaching out to people one-by-one, rather than reaching out to the public.