in the closet - THE FAKE IMAGE

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are we in the 21st century?
i feel as though we are living in the 1600's or that i should be living in an other galaxy or future period... perhaps, the 25th century. my friend yelled at me for inviting him to my blog! yeah, i'm serious! can you believe it? i had a feeling this would happen... so i'm going to tell you why...

he needs a job and he doesn't want anyone to find out that he has been diagnosed with a certain 'disorder'! (by the way, that's what he calls it...) yes, he's IN THE CLOSET about it, as are thousands of people, maybe even millions of people world-wide, who are afraid to loose their jobs, their relationships, their 'positions' in society, their 'roles' in the community... so he, like all the rest, creates an IMAGE that he wants the outside world to perceive him as. how sad is that?

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