Flow from within

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Emptiness in an empty space.  A void within the black hole.  A travel through that twisted time of pure love and joy and bliss back into the sea of hatred and ignorance.  Beauty from the bowels of disgusting.  Life within death which defines each other and would be nothing without the other.  Thoughts flow from the depth of quantum physics and bioelectrical magnetic forces.  Babies breathe out dying germs with every exhale.  Words that used to have meaning but glaze with the glint of faded cheap gold spray paint.  Fearlessness and forcefulness and anger come from the same place.  The soul lies open for all to see, slit from ear to ear and along the axis of the belly button.  I see nothing.  Life is here for you to take, to participate, to live.  To be.  To want.  Those who hoard have nothing.  Those who give have everything.

We are all one