Support Network Working Group

If you find yourself responding readily with love and support when someone is hurting, enjoy hearing about all the diverse ways people around the world are organizing radical mental health networks, like finding resources and pointing people in the right direction, like planning gatherings and meet ups, are a part of a local group or dream of starting one, have good listening skills and problem solving ability, often notice what others are doing and how it connects and appreciation flows out of you frequently…you may already be a part of this team!!! SO many people around here do this stuff every day. Coming when called in crisis, welcoming new people, showing folks around, extending an ear and lending a hand.

Basically, the support network working group will organize around what we’re already doing really well, while connecting the dots, making the unseen seen, and finding resources to make more mutual aid happen. We’ll discover all sorts of new and creative ways to reach out and connect with one another, sharing in the joy and struggle while lightening each other’s loads.
The Support Network Working Group is home to notes from community conversations, information on starting local groups, support projects and heartstorming, resources for supporting people in crisis, and guiding policies related to wellness and grievance within the Icarus Collective and Community.  Feel free to wander through the Wiki for relevant documents. 
To get a better understanding of the role and responsibility of the Support Network Working Group please look here:

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