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Madness is genius that wants and needs to be harnessed for creation. The mad mind must be fed a daily buffet of deep, challenging, creative work. Art, music, writing, performance--whatever your passion. Combined with daily exercise, meditation, sound nutrition and proper sleep--will produce brilliant work that will stand the test of time.
The mad mind is not a flawed mind.  It is not a dysfunctional mind. It is the perfect mind in an imperfect world. The mad person is a gift to the world. He or she is blessed with seeing what no one else can ever see, understanding what no one else can understand, and feeling what no one else is in touch with--and then converting thOse observations into a form that society can collectively appreciate, as have done the great masters of art, science, literature, performance and music. The purpose of madness is creation. You have been given the talent to move the world forward. Never squander such a great talent.

Yes, it may take time for you to discover your strongest creative talents. Exploration will bring answers, practice will bring it to life and hard work with bring it to humanity. Don’t worry about time and age. Time is formless and fluid for the mad person and age brings wisdom. The death of a madman is wasting time. Always, always, always, work on your craft, every fucking single day, rain and shine. War, financial problems, family problems, relationship problems, people problems, nothing must stop you from working on your craft. Ever. The mad person is a time traveler. The time machine is their work.

The mad person is never accepted, but never forgotten. The mad person never fits in, because he or she can not be contained. The mind of a mad person is a nuclear reactor living in a structure that common society perceives to be better suited for a battery. The mad person is an outcast--only by the standards of simpletons. Average people pass through life like grey shadows, blindly drowning in the frivolities of life--engaging nothing, changing nothing, seeing nothing and contemplating nothing more than how to best satisfy their basic needs. They die like they lived--swept into the dust bins of history and used as fertilizer for a baseball field--if they’re lucky. Mad people will never live or die like this. They will always leave their mark on the world, because they are unforgettable.

Isn’t it strange how religion has punished mad people and accused them of being evil? In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Madness is the ultimate sign of a powerful soul that is close to God. The mad person is closer to God then all the disingenuous, duplicitous, hypocritical religious zealous that plague the world. Angels are truly mad. They must be mad to have so much patience with mankind. It’s the demons that are sane. They envy the geniuses of history, that’s why they love to torment them. Those who can not create hate those who can, even after death.     

Take a look at the historical figures well known to all.  Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed…they were all mad men. Imagine how much energy and drive it took to accomplish the tasks that they set out to accomplish.  Imagine how much energy it took for them to not only try to accomplish these goals, but simultaneously fight off opposition, endure suffering, and still have the mindset to continue to believe in their dreams. Such energy is the product of madness. A cup of strong coffee doesn’t cut it…Perhaps none of these biblical figures were real. Doesn’t matter. Whoever invented them must have had at least some of the same qualities. This person/s must have possessed a great imagination, deep insight, powerful story telling abilities and the confidence to know that thousands of years later billions of people would base their entire lives on these stories. Oh, what a mad person such an author must have been.