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Haldol used to punish and break will

Haldol used to punish and break will

Postby Joshua#7 » Jul 03, 2014 12:41 am

Just what I say, Haliperidol haldo was used for a punishment. Some tolerate it. Usually because it freezes up thinking. It was literally used on prisoners. Why? Because it permanently rewires your brain. I only took it for two weeks in 1993. And again in 1994 the old Haliperidol from a year ago was forced upon me. That hell. That frozen mind. Takes a long time to thaw. In '94 still I was raped of my blood and again stripped held down forcefully, then injected with Haldol. It will be November 7th 20 years ago that I was slammed in the butt by all those psych tech assholes. Ban Haldol.
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Re: Haldol used to punish and break will

Postby Laerrus » Jul 03, 2014 5:23 am

Sorry bud, I got brain zaps from prozac 20 years ago. Never went away. Kind of got used to them, feels kind of trippy but sometimes my body jerks lately. Like my head and foot at the same time once or twice. Happens while I fall asleep only, the zap jerks. When I was psycho, I thought maybe it wasn't caused by the prozac but the occasional reboot from the akashic records. Don't mean to make light. Just how I roll. Oh, now I have a twitch where my eyes blink and my jaw shoots out and clamps down. I think that came around the time they wanted me to try abilify. Bit my tongue once or twice already. Thank god the toungue spasms went away.
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