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Coming off Celexa

Coming off Celexa

Postby mruby » Aug 14, 2013 11:27 pm

I have been on Celexa for 12 years. Psychiatrist upped dosage to 40 mg and my anxiety got really bad. I lowered the dosage to 20 mg. Anxiety so much better. I initially was prescribed Celexa for anxiety and depression. It helped in the beginning. For a long time I have felt it wasn't doing anything and as the dosage was upped my anxiety increased. Now I want to get completely off. Feeling scared. At 20 mg I notice that I feel spacey and have some memory problems. Was a little clutsy but that has gotten better. If I don't take the 20 mg at the exact time every day I get the brain zaps. Thinking about going back up to 30 mg and then going to 20 mg. Has anyone out there come off antidepressants similar to Celexa who have been on long term. Any insight would be lovely.
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Re: Coming off Celexa

Postby - » Aug 14, 2013 11:48 pm

I did a taper from Lexapro with my psychiatrist about 6 years ago and I feel like we did the taper for a year. I was on a heavy dose, but I think Lexapro is Extra Strength Celexa....? I was on Celexa prior to Lexapro. I was med free for 9 months and then I landed in the hospital. I remember having a difficult time with my emotional state. Uncontrollable crying and anxiety and insomnia. I had a lot of life issues happening but I was determined to get off of meds. I think in my mind I wanted to get off of meds because my ex boyfriend hit me for taking meds and said he would leave me for taking them. He did. I also think I wanted to meet someone and start a family. This obviously did not work well and is probably not helpful at all to you....but that was my experience. Have you checked out
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