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Challenges coming off serequel advice appreciated

Challenges coming off serequel advice appreciated

Postby Khalsa44 » May 23, 2013 8:32 pm

Hi beautiful spirits

I'm on the edge about to fall hugging myself praying

In may 2011 I was on 4 antipsychotics and 1 antidepressant, of this one was serequel 575mg another lithium 1150mg.

Today, may 2013 I'm on 43mg serequel, 1000mg. Progress has occurred!

In the interim I have come completely off 6 times and had 4 hospitalisations and 1 court order.
I have come off quickly, slowly and in between.

This time I'm trying extra slow.

Right now I feel like I could b easily triggered into psychosis.

I have heard will hall say that sometimes he enjoys his extreme states, has anyone here had this experience?
How do u enjoy extreme states without feeling deeply traumatized?

Love to your heart
We're all in this together! (there is a theme song in my head and dancing backup singers, it feels joyful, soothing :-)
Love Khalsa
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