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Realization about honouring intuition in reduction process

Realization about honouring intuition in reduction process

Postby Khalsa44 » May 19, 2013 7:31 pm


I have been feeling strong discontent and my mind has been suggesting lets get off these meds quicker

I've been noticing my thoughts and giving them to god by writing them down and putting them in a worry box, surrendering and choosing to stop thinking about this

I sense the desire to get off quick, for me, is a desire to shift my state so I can step out of the distress. This makes me feel hi short term

I'm over getting hi!

My intuition is saying, b with the discomfort now. When I feel more at peace reduce then.

This is a new way of responding to myself and the world, to be real and conscious, instead trying to get hi, wanting to surrender to the something real and hi deep inside, amongst the chaos of decades of patterns of discontent, noticing that, there is something else, something always ok and it doesn't want to get hi it likes gentleness and ease.

How is your journey goin?

Wat do u love?

I love the ocean and the sun and the inherent sweetness of people and the smell of roses and relief when I feel joy after 2 days of deep pain

Love to u
X Khalsa
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Re: Realization about honouring intuition in reduction proce

Postby triciafishDE » May 19, 2013 8:15 pm

Titrating too long just adds to the suffering and can fuck you up even more.
Most junkies go cold turkey for real recovery.

If you have Faith in God, you can do it.
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