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Feeling real happiness without meds

Feeling real happiness without meds

Postby Khalsa44 » May 19, 2013 7:13 pm


I'm noticing meds make me happy for no reason, even when I'm not thinking positively but it's a different numb disconnected kinda happiness, the empty happiness of all addictions

I've been in some form of addiction all my life

I'm wondering wat it is like to be feeling at peace, joy, love and engaged in this world?

I am holding hope close to my heart as the wintery weather triggers emotional patterns

Does anyone know wat it's like to b truly ok in themselves and engaged in the world?

Wat takes u closer to the true u, free of meds and addictions?

Wat does it feel like?

I'm in a waiting place, doin my best to respond kindly to my distress

Thanks for listening
If u relate to wat I'm sharing please share ur thoughts and experiences

Wishing u much hope in this moment with ur breath
May there b a moment of joy in your day
Love Khalsa
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Re: Feeling real happiness without meds

Postby triciafishDE » May 19, 2013 8:10 pm

It feels like the dark night of the soul (St John of the Cross)
Or if you are hindu, read The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna.

It's hard to express the joy of God to people who are addicted to drugs or on psych meds.

You should take the leap. The leap of Faith.
Trust in God.
Don't expect it to get better. When you see reality, you will feel sorrow for the world. It's not that fun for humans. :)
Following God is not about happiness. It's about humility, suffering, and renouncing. My soul loves it, my head hates it.

Pax, not paxil.
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