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Who is coming off meds now?

Who is coming off meds now?

Postby Khalsa44 » May 13, 2013 5:24 pm


Who is coming off meds now?

What's most challenging about it?

What's the greatest blissing?

My Greatest challenge- managing emotional crises safely

My biggest blissing- finding more and more of my true self and natural nrg

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Re: Who is coming off meds now?

Postby ObjectsInMirrors » May 13, 2013 7:44 pm

It's been a year that I've been in the process of coming off. I think it will probably take at least another year or two. But I'm having incredible success and haven't made any big backslides.

Most challenging: Getting over the fear that I won't be able to handle increase in trauma memories/related experiences if I make a taper + putting in the effort for figuring out the exact dose to taper when making extremely small reductions in dry cuts or water tirtation

Biggest Blissings: Overall much less suicidal, have sex drive and romantic interests lead to having an incredible partner for the first time in years, happier, less mood swings, some of my creativity is coming back (this is not the end of this list)
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Re: Who is coming off meds now?

Postby petramarie » Sep 20, 2016 9:08 am

Hey guys.

I see that nobody has replied here for a long time now, but I´ll make my contribution anyway. I have been on psych meds for about 4 and half years now. Once I tried to get off cold turkey (Quetiapin=Seroquel and Cipralex) which caused a 5 weeks long insomnia and gradual overall worsening of my state and I ended up in a hospital again.

Right now I am on Cipralex (antidepressant), Prosulpin (antipsychotic) and Welbutrin (antidepressant as well). I started to taper of Cipralex months ago. My psychiatrist switched the form from tablets to drops, which enables me to gradually get off it by 1 drop per 1 - 2 weeks (started on 10 drops). Now I am on 2 drops a day and I guess I am pretty much ok. Yes, I probably have been more sensitive to things over the past few weeks, but I am trying to manage that.

If I manage to get off Cipralex successfully, my doctor promised me to help me to get off the other meds as well (or at least to minimise the doses as much as it is going to be possible).

So that´s from me for now (more about me in the introductions section).

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