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Question about the "harm reduction guide"

Question about the "harm reduction guide"

Postby olgalaloca » Feb 06, 2012 12:13 pm


I will like to translate the harm reduction guide in French and put it online for free (I am french)
Is this a problem for the people who wrote it in the first place?

I will also like to add a part about the "french law and french health system" since in France the law allows any doctor (even not a psychiatrist it can be a normal doctor) to oblige you to take meds if they think you are not taking them and you should EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT IN CRISIS.

They give you the choice : either you stay in psychiatric ward either you accept injections every week or have the oral pill every day and accept blood test (to check you have the med in the blood).

But it is possible to overcome that law, but the doctor abuse that law (normaly the doctor needs the autorisation of a member of your family except if he can prove the person is a danger "for the others" and a lot of doctors overpass the law ).

In france, we are the numer one of psychiatric drugs per habitant, especially for anti psychotic , because we have a ilness model where people are seing "at risk of becoming psychotic or bipolar" even if they are not "yet".

And as the psychiatrist and psychologist said "unfortunately if somebody has a psychotic or borderline structure, there is not nothing you can do except give them anti psychotics".
That means for example that they are now giving anti psychotics to children because there at "risk of becoming psychotic" such as for example children with ADHD, asperger syndrom or even speech problems.

So I will like to ad a section about French law, french mental helath system, french "ilness model" wich is diferent that american Illness model in some ways and similar in others) and also worr about "how to refuse psychiatric drugs for your child" and Put it for free on the net and very cheap on paper (to pay the paper not to make profit).

Could I do it ?

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Re: Question about the "harm reduction guide"

Postby fightforroses » Feb 21, 2012 12:53 pm

man, i meant to answer this before and got distracted, i think it would be really awesome to have a french version with custom legal-rights info- i'm pretty sure no one would object!
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Re: Question about the "harm reduction guide"

Postby BernardF » Dec 04, 2012 10:41 am


Did you do your french translation of the Harm Reduction Guide ?

A friend of mine did a rough translation and I'm OK to find people to work on it (proof reading, rewriting etc).

I was wondering how to get the page layer of the original version and all the graphics ?

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Re: Question about the "harm reduction guide"

Postby maamyyrä » Dec 04, 2012 11:59 am

why don't you contact will directly?
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