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Can I help?

A forum for people involved in the Occupy movement to talk about mental and emotional health issues on the ground, building a radical mental health analysis within the Occupy movement, discussions arising from the Mindful Occupation reader/zine, etc.

Can I help?

Postby adam » Jun 18, 2012 6:04 am


Adam here from I see you have been doing some pretty cool stuff in - i was following it for a long time and really happy to see this happening. Congratulations on some very good work.

If I can help in anyway with the platform please let me know. I project manage the development of the software and manage so if there is anything that you need in the features or improvements then let me know. Your feedback would be invaluable as I like to work with people who use the software more than try and divine a future development pathway. So, if you have comments or requests please let me know.

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