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The Critter Crusades (Pt. 3 - The War That Never Ends)

So, here we go yet again. Word came to me today that a vacating tenant on the floor below me left behind a massive infestation of bed bugs.

As a precaution, that entire floor is being sprayed - along with the ones immediately above and below it.

So once again it's time to break my back prepping for a legalized home invasion, complete with chemical weapons.

An EcoPsych Mashup

Obviously I'm not the first to feel that much of the rest of the world is crazy for calling me crazy... That I'm disabled by others' assumptions about reality... that the entire world is being categorized and commodified and homogenized and sterilized via some bizarre eugenic compulsion. I've seen some great posts here touching on things like shamanism and permaculture as a sort of radical and horizontal eco-psycho-social therapy... as a way we can sort of begin to put our lives in order with 'nature'... and I wanted to contribute to that with this short ecopsychology primer from Theodore Roszak. (Along with a few choice quotes from my ever-growing list.)


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