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John 0.3

I walk around with nice clothes on, my hair comed, my mustache trimmed and my face shaved,  yet inside I am a screaming mess,  waiting for something to happen in my environment, someone to cause a fight some where about anything, so I can just finally explode and let all the rage loose, let all my anixety,fear,frustration,worry, hopes and dreams just let loose .. and when the dust settles the blood dries up and everyone gets hauled off... someone stops and asks me , who are you and what happened.

indigenous wisdom teaches about indepth dis-ease

Time to unsettle ourselves from the enforced soma consumption of our owners! And what better way than to hear it from the very people who were never allowed to fully be a part of the dis-eased free-dumb forced on them (and everyone, if you think about it!) from the get-go? A real inspiration, those voices which have not comprimized despite experiencing all manner of reflective reality from those who believe no better is possible.

Into the Woods: How Mushrooms Told Me To Ditch The Meds

I shared this story at an Icarus meeting in Olympia attended by Will Hall. Will encouraged me to write it down and share it with the Icarus community at large - here it is!
Kirk told me that he, Ben and Ben's brother Nick were going to drink mushroom tea and go for a walk in the woods, and that I was welcome to join if I was so inclined.


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