Community riot

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Put it out of your mind
Forget it.
It’s not going to change
People won’t listen
Because they think
They already know.
Their minds are made up.
They’re stiff.
And they fucking won’t budge.
Doesn’t matter,
How much you know.
Doesn’t matter
How much you’ve experienced.
They only want to know
Those who are qualified
To talk out their lies
About people
They don’t understand.
Why qualified them?
The community did.
The community did.
Communities also
Made slaves out of people.
Communities do
A lot of things
That when looking back
Aren’t all that nice.
And when the community
Doesn’t understand.
Won’t understand.
You can be sure
That they’re hypnotised
By some ugly advertise
That gives out advice
Like blood sucking lice.
Coupling and breeding
To the point where
You need to do
Something extreme
To get rid of the riot.