A letter to my ageing psychology-expert father

A letter to my father backing him up radically, while coaching the idea of seeking to "hold our own" --with our intuitive champion excellence-- amongst and in the context of a heavily-propagandized colonial society with its meta orders for how its subjects "must" act at all times. Men and women (who are tired of not "fitting in"). We all have or Ordered roles to "play" but after awhile, and especially as we are forced to face the Great Unknown of passing on from this life, we naturally begin to dissent. Usually we're way too unpracticed in this, and much less articulate. Here, my father and i at least have a rudimenatry bridge. Stay tuned to possibly read an edited version of my father's possible response (tho not likely, i hope he writes me back!).

From Judi Chamberlin: The Ex-Patients' Movement: Where We've Been and Where We're Going

cemental stealth (aka mental "health") survivors articulate ideas like "sane chauvanism" and "mentalism" to denote oppressive ways of seeing folks having difficulties in living. Judi Chamberlin, published in a prestigious journal, articulates such in her overview of a mostly 1970s-1980s ex-mental patient liberation movement. Excerpts and link included.

Crooked Beauty screening at the US Social Forum

Wednesday, July 23, 2010 at 1PM

AFSCME Building (basement of the Walker-Roehrig Building) 600 West Lafayette at Third Detroit, Michigan 
Event Info: (scroll down to Crooked Beauty) Google Map:

Unraveling the Biopsychiatric Knot: the Future History of the Radical Mental Health Movement


More and more, the acceptance of the idea that our dissatisfaction and disease is a result of “brain chemistry” is desensitizing us to the notion that our feelings and experiences might have their roots in social and political problems.

Fundamentally, if we are going to shift the current mental health paradigm we are going to need a movement that both has the political savvy to understand how to fight the system, and the tools to be able to take care of each other as the world gets even crazier.


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