Love and Gratitude

Allright. I guess I'll update this thing. Three entries in a month? That's a lot right? Not so much. Gratitude is my favorite feeling, because it's one that I never bothered to acknowledge before my sobriety. It's beyond just "I'm alive" today too. That's a great gift too, but sometimes I want more than being alive.



A period of warmth is harnessed to the cold air of the autumn breeze, riding it like a whisper of the summer past.

Music accompanies the molecules of the air to caress the organs inside my torso, my legs dance with the energy flowing forth from the emotional harmony I experience, due to these sensations of the moment.


The Thing of Sorts?

It's the sort of thing that is commonly censored due to reprimands associated with illogicality. If you get enough people together canonizing something, then it's logical. If there are enough assholes out there claiming hypnotization/captivation of sorts, then it's called "cult" thought. (Any acceptance of thought reform would necessitate admission that the current ways are wayward.


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