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Powerful article from a blogger: No More Fake News: College students easy targets for psychiatrickery

Psychiatry targets college students for destruction Sep22 by Jon Rappoport

Excerpts: "One out of five college students in the psychiatric pipeline.

"And this figure is going to increase, in the wake of “cautionary events” like the Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Navy Yard shootings, which are being promoted as posters for earlier “mental-health interventions.”

"Watch for it. The “see something, say something” mantra of the DHS will cross over.

Uliv the First, Last and Deposit

Uliv looked up from his work when his boss said his name. He had walked up in the previous moment, stuck his thumb under his belt and shoved his shirt down his pants. In that time Uliv heard the things he has heard before. “Got a minute?”, “Hey, Uliv, let’s talk about...”, “How the Hell did this happen?”, “Sit down.” He knew where his coat was, he needed his address book. He liked having pencils, he should try to steal pencils.


This is the taste you hope to taste a moment before your lips meet the rim of an exotic cocktail on your long overdue vacation. This is the smell of your Grandmother's kitchen on Sunday afternoon.

Uliv Up With the Chickens

The places of his dreams, the apartments, houses, and neighborhoods are as familiar now was any waking place. Uliv knows that in the waking world he could one day stand on the street before the puzzle house and know the way through it. He will see from a taxi the abandoned iron bridge he has used a dozen times to leave the failing City. Hidden passageways, open spaces, stations where he gets on the wrong train, air he can swim in. In dreams he is made to run for his life, to make sense of the impossible, see old friends alive not dead.


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