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I drew a picture when I was upset instead of blowing up at people in my life. I didn't feel very pretty making it, so don't expect a sunshine parade.


!! "Life is shitty" Trigger Alert !!


UPDATE: I hope I didn't hurt any of you in a lasting way with this. If I did, I am sorry.

Ward O'Sulliv & Keane

Ward O’Sullivan Keane was born and incorporated on June the 6th a long time from now. He tries to not let that confuse him. That life, in that time, when he has finished his work, will begin with his parents taking him home to the algae farm.
He had always known about the irregularities. The repeating years, places, people he met for the very first time again and again. He resolved that he was a time traveller only after years of publicly funded psychotherapy. Knowing this relieved him greatly.

Coming Off Medications Guide - In Japanese!

The Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs was recently translated in Japanese!

Thanks to the amazing translation team of Madness Radio listeners Dr. Tsuyoshi Matsuo, Makoto and Yuko Matsuo, Richard Sadowsky, Kyoko Hamashima, Mari Yamamoto, and Mika Jarmusz, with layout support by Seth Kadish

You can download the new guide here.

Download the scrambled pages printer version here.


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