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Narcissistic parents or people expressing symptoms of their believed reality??

Imagine if you were a german in nazi germany and you were open about wanting to help the gypsies who were being systematically demonized everywhere (as a pre-cursor to being rounded up and killed). Well, your parents would try to dissuade you in every way that they know! Because they've already come to the point where they feel they MUST subordinate to the Given Norm of the Society in which they Have To live under.

An open letter to Necro

This is an open letter to a rapper that has incurred my (well-deserved?) indignation.

He is a shock rapper who uses heavy metal art and plots.

He wrote a song that is dedicated for peoples with the personality complex known as schizophrenia.

!!..If clinical talk turns you off or makes you upset. the previously mentioned term is used a bit in the letter..

>!! "Sometimes the world just doesn't understand" TRIGGER ALERT!<


See you after the jump.


Dangerously insightful movie review dept.: The Hangover

...Okay, case in point, how about the character Alan. Still living with his parents (BAD SLAVE! So WHY isn't that allowed, why are we not to think that through?? Because of Rollback Cult-ure, I say; Rollback Generations are SUPPOSED to be desensitized to each other as MUCH AS POSSIBLE, including escaping the love/dreams of our parents! How better to CONTROL society than having a fully atomized slave that BELIEVES in "The Way Things Are"?!), "obviously" off the DEEP END as far as all the holy cows that propaganda cult-ure pushes so much that many don't even see such any more! Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooooo crayyyyyyy-z! And all his longtime buds can hardly tolerate him!


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