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TV SHOWS about US!

iI am encouraged by watching the following tv series, that depict a very good look into our psyche as a "special" people and portraying us as intillectuals and deeply personal and inspiring characters.  They have quickly become my favorite watches and I try to never miss an episode, lol!  :)


On friends

Not a bad day all told. Went to class, started on the reading due on Friday. Did grocery shopping! Was a little bit social, took a nap, and then was a little bit social again.

Back to school

Made it through the first day. I'm okay with the linear algebra section I went to and I think the other section is just as full, so it doesn't matter much. Plus the other section is at the same time as the calculus section with the professor I really liked. That calculus section is really full, but I'm going to keep going and hope other students drop out. And as much as I would love to just sleep in tomorrow I should really go to this other calculus section on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

First day, first class

Here I am, at the school library after going to a first linear algebra class. I'm not feeling great physically because of awful cramps and general tiredness and feeling like I really, really need to pee all the time. This morning I really felt bad for not having stuck with my physical therapy, but at the time I really didn't have the extra mental energy to spare and now I think other things are more important, like getting good at taking care of my teeth and taking care of my face in the hopes that it clears up a bit and I don't have so many blackheads forever.


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