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The Icarus Project is Hiring a National Organizer

National Organizer New York, NY (other locations possible) The Icarus Project seeks a self-motivated, talented, strategic thinker with substantial organizing experience, a creative outlook on activism, and experience in collective decision-making to serve as our National Organizer. Experience in radical mental health organizing or with mental health systems in the United States is preferred. The ideal candidate will have a background in organizing, creating grassroots networks, and developing internal systems and infrastructure.

Mad Maps Survey

Help us craft the powerful collective language we need for this transformative community project! For many years, members of The Icarus Project have been imagining and creating maps and roads to lead us on our journeys and ground us in the moment. We have called these tools “wellness maps” or “mad maps.” These are reminder documents we create for ourselves and the people around us about our wellness goals, warning signs, strategies for health, and who we trust to look out for our interests when we are struggling with our madness.

Christmas Solidarity Art Drive

Hello dear Icaristas, I am reaching out to you all from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am writing to ask you to consider donating art materials you don't need/don't use anymore so the fabulous arists at Frente de Artistas del Borda (FAB - Artists Front of Borda) can keep doing amazing creations, from inside the mental hospital ''Borda''. Borda has an estimate of 1,300 inmates (nobody knows the exact number).



"Charles is, after all, a genius, and Karena knows from the pscyh tests she's borrowed from the La Crosse public library that many manic-depressive people are... Schumann, Melville, Woolf, Van Gogh, Edgar Allen Poe - all brilliant.  All bipolar.

"I've spent a lot of time with the Lakota, and you know what they call a man like me? A man who has visions? They call them a wicasa wakan," Charles says.  "A divine man.  A blessed man."



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