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Dispatch from the Front Lines - What's Not Okay in Kindergarten

I work part-time as an Instructional Assistant for a boy who is diagnosed only as being "Emotionally Disturbed" - ED (like you need to have some sort of doctorate to diagnose that). I hang out with him throughout his struggles in Kindergarten and implement his IEP (Individualized Education Program).
Boys and girls, Kindergarten is a fucked up place. It's very safe - if you follow the rules. You'll be fine - if you follow the rules. I realized on Day One of this job that everyone put through this system is being trained to become perfect bank tellers.

Into the Woods: How Mushrooms Told Me To Ditch The Meds

I shared this story at an Icarus meeting in Olympia attended by Will Hall. Will encouraged me to write it down and share it with the Icarus community at large - here it is!
Kirk told me that he, Ben and Ben's brother Nick were going to drink mushroom tea and go for a walk in the woods, and that I was welcome to join if I was so inclined.

An Experience With My Mother

 My spinal column came roaring out of me today, like a brass coated wallaby. I didn't know I was at the breaking point until it came, after my mother had hurled criticism veiled in a thin love disguise at my forehead; in between spiny insults, profanity and turning her back on me, I opened my mouth and out she came like a thundercloud. 

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