Maybe I do Have Schizophrenia?

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Oh perhaps I do...have schizophrenia?
The colors swirl, it's madness in euphoria
(She's speaking in riddles,
No circles, no spiraling out into methological melancholy
Oh woman nurse, she brings me a basket of lobotomies
Oh doctor, he laughed as I lay on the floor
Of the isolation room, where quietudes
Oh perhaps I do...have schizophrenia?
(She's deafened, fifteen or forty-two
The medicated emaciated little girl
Touch her, she's real but can she see
The scenery for the animals?
There's nothing here but monotony
So we spiral out into symphonies
Do I need to pin myself to the floor
Who's pinning her to the floor?
Pining for metaphors?
No Jesus or God could save them
They raped us of our synchronicities
And we saw, the cross, it was ironic
Did I
resemble something I was before
The mind is not a centrefold
The mind is not a thing I can ignore
Did I
See the blinding light
For light?
Or did I dream it was something else
Something terrible
Something cruel
Something more?