Dispatch from the Front Lines - What's Not Okay in Kindergarten

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I work part-time as an Instructional Assistant for a boy who is diagnosed only as being "Emotionally Disturbed" - ED (like you need to have some sort of doctorate to diagnose that). I hang out with him throughout his struggles in Kindergarten and implement his IEP (Individualized Education Program).
Boys and girls, Kindergarten is a fucked up place. It's very safe - if you follow the rules. You'll be fine - if you follow the rules. I realized on Day One of this job that everyone put through this system is being trained to become perfect bank tellers.
I've compiled a list to be used as Food for Thought about how you've been trained.
Things that are Not Okay in Kindergarten:
1. Talking without raising your hand
2. Hugging
3. Raising your voice
4. Running
5. Playing tag on the playground
6. Touching anyone else, for any reason
7. Sitting in the hallway
8. Talking in the hallway
9. Not sitting in your square on the carpet
10. Crying
11. Not doing the assignment
12.Not walking in line anytime the class goes anywhere
13. Complaining or protesting
14. Playing with your food in the cafeteria
15. Talking out of turn
16. Using purple paper for the sun instead of yellow paper: (http://z.about.com/d/painting/1/0/V/T/1/SueBond-7KandinskyMurnauSt.jpg)
I'm not done with this. More editing to follow.