Grievances and Ethical Concerns



The national Icarus Project organization is run collaboratively by an Owl Collective  comprised of 1.5 full-time equivalent positions, divided between four part-time workers: Madigan, Sascha, Will and Molly.

The Icarus Owls take an overall guiding and decision-making role in Icarus, including deciding on budgets; contracting workers for web and the distribution of orders; and coordinating the efforts of collaborators. The Owls are in ongoing conversation with the broader Icarus and radical mental health community, and strive to synthesize many voices as we take responsibility for holding things together.

A key aspect of radical mental health is voicing grievances, airing differences, and opening up healing discussions about how oppression in our own movement affects our work. The Owl Collective takes grievances, ethical concerns, and charges of mistreatment or abuse very seriously. We aim to fully explore, address and respond to concerns in a just and thoughtful manner, and Molly is currently our designated Ombudsperson (concerns can be addressed to support AT theicarusproject DOT net). The Owls will also work closely with Women's Encuentro as they develop recommendations on the ethics and grievance process for the future.